A promotion of “Chupa Chups” has been continuing at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport since June which has been held by  A Plan+ Organisation in cooperation with Perfeti Van Melle.

In many countries of the world since 1958, Chupa Chups, the choice of children, young people and even adults, has the title of being one of every four lollipops consumed in the world. Chupa Chups, one of the most prominent brands distributed and consumed widely by the Perfetti Van Melle group in world markets, is the  market leader among hundreds of lolipop brands on the world.

The most significant thing about their logo is that; Salvador Dali, had dinner with the founder of the Chupa Chup, and desingned the logo on an official newspaper, which will be a Chupa Chups logo in less than an hour at this lunch. This logo is still there today and attractively put the name of the mark on a daisy. This colourful promotion will keep your inner child alive running with Alice in Wonderland.